Couples Forum

The Couples Forum was established by the MFM Youth Church with the purpose of reaching out to homes, especially Christian homes and fortifying them against the onslaught that assails many homes in this present age. The aim is for Christian homes to return to the model for marriages as established by God.

The vision of the Couples Forum is:

  • To educate them according to God’s plan for their marriage.
  • To build up homes to stand against the temptation and wiles of the devil.
  • To recover lost marriages.
  • To encourage intimacy amongst couples

The Couple's Forum provides opportunities for couples to take an important time-out, have a date away from the demands of daily living, and be biblically encouraged and strengthened in their marriage relationship. This is achieved by the various programs organized for legally married couples in the Youth Church, such as, annual dinners and seminars.

The Couples’ Forum also engages married couples through:

Pregnant Sister’s Meeting
Mother’s fellowship
Couples’ fellowship