The Groups in Church

The Objectives : To inculcate organization in the house of God, groups have been created to meet the spiritual, physical and moral needs of the Church. People are assigned or allowed to join groups depending on their spiritual ability or strength.
The youth church has Various groups and each group has a pastor and group leaders respectively. The groups are designed to make the youth use their talents and spiritual gifts effectively in the house of God.

Every group has a scheduled time and date to meet for prayers, strategy planning and encouraging themselves with the word of God. It is very essential and necessary for groups to meet. Also, a workers’ meeting is organized once a month where workers from every group come together to pray and share the word of God to move the Church forward.
Every group has its disciplinary action when members default a rule in the group. Listed below are the names and functions of each group in the youth church.


Jireh Team is the welfare department of the youth church where we raise heaven—bound, golden and kind hearted generation that are always ready to give sacrificially without holding back. ”For God love a cheerful giver”.


  • To ease the church burden
  •  To feed and clothe the poor '
  • To reach out to the neglected ones.

Pastor Ayodele Oluwatoyin

The gold mine group is to minister the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ mainly to students of secondary schools, and to everywhere teens and young youths who are “lost “ in the world.


  • To catch them young for Christ.
  • To help teenagers understand the gospel.
  • To prepare the students spiritually for life’s battles.
  • To give teenagers hope for the future.
  • To help the teenagers learn and understand the link between life and their foundation.


Youth Against Drug Addiction Ministry (YADAM ) is the youth wing of the ministry of Drug Addiction (MTDA), MFM Int'l Hqtrs, Onike. It was established on the 12th March, 2016. It's an evangelism grow with special interest on youths that are plagued with the three societal evils; that is Drug Abuse, Prostitution and cultists.
Membership is opened to everyone that wishes to join, especially those that have passion for lost souls and are called in the area of Counseling, Intercession, Deliverance, Healing, Giving etc.

To depopulate the kingdom of darkness therefore increasing the kingdom of God by reaching out to lost souls especially those that are under the bondage of Drug Abuse, Prostitution and Cultism (Luke 4:18).

Every Sunday, Immediately after service (1hr) except otherwise.
Weekly Prayer Meeting : Every Wednesday after manna water service at the youth church.
Monthly Evangelism: Every third Saturday of the month (6:30am-10am).


The Medical team is aimed at providing all forms of health care services within and outside the church premises. Services which may include the following;

  • First Aid Medical Treatment
  • Health/ Medical Consultation
  • Medical Training and Counseling
  • Medical Outreach, Hospital and Special Homes Visitation
  • Tract Publications and Health Care

Meetings are held every Sunday after church.


Headed by Pastor Ifeanyi, these are Group of people with the zeal to preach the gospel around the world. They go around giving out fliers, tracts and publications on the word of God.

Meetings are held every Tuesday by 5pm.


This is a department in church that deal with planning, implementing, and controlling of procurement, supply, maintenance, and transportation of equipment, facilities, and personnel in the church. It comprises of three sub unit. Which are;

  • Decoration: They are into the beautification of the church and they ensure that the church is well kept in a neat and colourful environment.
  • Sound: They are into the arrangement and maintenance of the audio related equipment like the speakers, projectors, mics and so on in order to produce a stable church service.
  • Sanitary Keepers: are involved with the hygiene of the church; cleaning, maintaining and organizing the church and it's surrounding.


This is the musical department in the church lead by the Choir Master; Pastor Olanrewaju Bankole and his assistant; Pastor Emeka Okolie. They minister in songs and instrumentals to the glory of God. They organise musical concerts and so on in order draw members and non members in worshiping, praising and thanksgiving.



Ushering group is a dynamic group in the church called to minister to people from the entrance where we welcome to the arranged seat prepared for them. According to the book of Acts 6.

we meet every Saturday except PMCH Saturday at the youth Church by 5pm and Sunday after service.


This is a group that was founded in 1997 a while after MFM came into inception. They are devoted to "De-populating" the kingdom of darkness through violent prayers. It also serves as an Intercessory Group for the church.


  • To stand as a pillar in the church, training and equipping individuals for spiritual warfare.
  • To establish the kingdom of God within and without the fore walls of the church.
  • To eradicate every form of darkness and invest alot on bringing about God'stime light in the church.

Meetings are held occasionally at the headquarters.

Prophetic Group


The prophetic group was established by the leading of the Holy Spirit to bring end-time revival, train the youths in the area of their respective calling, ministry, discernment, development of Spiritual gifs,  and to be independent spiritually.


  • Sundays after service
  • Vigil holds every second Friday of the month
  • Tuesdays is our Fasting day till 5pm
  • Subgroup intercessions for the church, for marriages, pastors, pastors’ homes and the group.



God's Clan Drama is the drama arm of the youth church. God's Clan Drama is a ministry devoted to soul winning and evangelism, spreading the gospel across the world. It was established in the year 2007.

Our Core Objectives :
Evangelism through drama
Winning soul through stage drama and more productions
We minister in musical drama
Watch out for MFM TV Drama series in episodes
Burden too heavy for me
Mystery of seduction
All are adaptation of messages preached by DR. D. K. OLUKOYA
Produced and directed by MALAOLU ADEOLA EDWARD

Meeting Days
Every Sunday after service.
Tuesday in the evening for rehearsal.

First Aid medical treatment Health /medical consultation, Medical career counseling, and training Medical Outreach (Balm of Gilead Welfare Outreach), Hospital and special home visitation, Medical Sunday Ministration, Health Talks, tracts and publications.
MEETING DAY : Every Sunday after service (Back of Auditorium A) counseling, enquiries and prayers - 08179999279, 08089599480
We are committed to ensuring healthy church.


This is a practical group groomed to train individuals in the words of God in every way and inspired by the Holy Spirit. COT was organized to teach members on bible relating topics and the word of God. Examples of programs are bible studies, Sunday school classes, etc.


This is a significant group in church that does the video coverage of all programs and events to other audiences not present at that moment and the world as a whole. They also take pictures which will be posted on social medias, fliers, bulletins ,etc.

The Objectives :

  • To broadcast Church services live on Internet
  • To Manage Church Social Media
  • To maintain Church web site
  • To present lyrics and other vital information on screen.

The IT group is Headed by Pastor Gabriel Okwuofu. This group comprises youth with various computer Application skills  and always ready to put them into use. Skills such as; Graphic Design, Web development, Programming, Database Analysis, Mobile Application development, presentation and live streaming. You don't have to be a computer student to be part of them. The group help in training you to work with the tools they use and also to fit in rendering service.


This is a group that lays biblical foundation for new converts, they are also incharge of foundational class and workers in training. Headed by Pastor Femi Oluwatimilehin. Their objectives are;

  • Nurturing ambassadors of God on earth
  • Intercession for new converts
  • Spiritual follow-up of new converts

They help grow you spiritually and live an holy life through their teachings that assist individuals in every area of their lives when faced with challenges.


This is a group in the church that is well known for organizing and presenting poetries, words of inspiration, artistic delivery, articles, monthly brochures and publications in the church. They are divided into sub units namely;

  • Spoken Words organisers of GAP (Gospel according To Poetry). Where artistic expression are being performed.
  • Editorial: A unit devoted in collating, editing and preparing publications materials. They are also involved in training members of the Writer's club.
  • Welfare: A unit in charge of taking care of the members needs in the group, they call and check on members, they organize outings and programs of the Writer's club.
  • Graphics: This is a part of the editorial unit, a sub-set unit in charge of graphics and content developing and website designing for the writers and the church at large. They design layout for the banners and articles for the group.

Meetings are held after church service every Sunday and monthly vigils are held every second Friday of the month.

VTeam is the visitation group of the Church.

Group Pastor: Pastor Moses Ogunkanmi


Our vision is to establish the youth in the Church and see the Church grow.
We welcome and follow up new members to the church (for Sunday services and other services).
We ensure they feel at home by showing them love.
We also go out for visitation twice a month to the home of new comers to pray with and counsel them. This we do also to ensure of their growth in the lord.

Meeting Days:
Our meeting days are every Sunday after the service and on Thursdays by 5pm.


Our goal in the ministry is setting the feet of our children in the way they should, acknowledging their peculiar gifts so that when they grow up they will not depart from it ; and building Godly character in them.

Train and build Godly character in children manual prepare from the Headquarters
Building recreational growth within the ministry e. g. Choir, Drama and Bible quiz.
Organizing retreat and special training programs for teachers to impart them spiritually and morally.

7:00-8:00am Church Workers Meeting
8:00-9:00am Teacher's Prayer Meeting
9:00-9:30am Assembly

Isaiah 61.
David"s company (DC)is the headquarter youth church Dance group. A group bounded with love,uniqueness,togetherness and strength.
DC is a unit set aside to preach and evangelize d gospel through dance.

Our core objectives:
To depopulate d kingdom of darkness and populate God's own territory through dance.
To interpret God's word through dance.
To heal and lift up heavy hearted.
To be raptureable.

Meeting days
Every Sunday after service.
Tuesday and Friday 4pm-7pm
Group retreat: twice in a year.