Pink and Blue

Pink and Blue Singles Fellowship

The Pink and Blue Singles Fellowship caters to the mental, emotional and spiritual needs of youths who are yet to be married. We are there when they are yet to think about marriage and help them get through the phase of emotional conflicts arising from infatuation that characterize the teenage years. We guide them scripturally to find out their purpose while single as this is vital in determining who they will settle down with in future. We support them to live meaningfully all throughout singlehood and also prayerfully assist them to know God's will in marriage.

Through several media (both conventional and social media), the society has indoctrinated us with the idea that being single is a "curse." That explains the reason why some people feel inferior when they are not in a relationship. Most young men and ladies are in a hurry to leave the single stage of life. And so they jump into a romantic affair once any nice, good-looking person shows an interest in them. They think that all that matters in life is having a "boy or girlfriend", that special person who gives them butterfly feelings, cloud nine happiness, when they are together. They never cease to fantasize about taking walks in the park, holding hands, kissing and so forth.

There is nothing wrong with a desire to enter a relationship that will to lead to marriage. But when you get into it just for the sake of "being in a relationship", then that is a red alert. Is the pre-marriage state of life all about hooking up and breaking up with several lovers until you find someone with whom the hook clicks permanently? No! God has better plans for us than that. In this pre-marital phase of life we are supposed to focus on and sort out a couple of matters. Some of these are:

  • Self-discovery of your skills, talents, passion and purpose (STPP)
  • Investing long hours in personal development of your STPP.
  • Developing an ability to live and make good decisions independently of your parents.
  • Building healthy relationships with friends and associates.
  • Developing a solid sense of reasoning and judgment.
  • Grounding in our walk with God through developing fruit and gifts of the Spirit.
  • Having a robust foundation in the knowledge of God that you can apply effectively to every area of your life. This implies an ability to live by faith, discern the mind of God concerning simple decisions that you make from time to time etc, having a some experience in hearing from God, praying and receiving answers to prayers etc.